Monday, 1 August 2011

The king of all processors: POD HD 500

The POD HD series' highest end modelling processor the HD500 is beyond words to express!It would be the dream processor for most people. It has a humungous number of tones. If you think I'm exaggerating read the full article and think again.

With 512 factory presets beating the other two of the HD series by quite a margin it has almost any tone you need and there is not much of a need to mess around with the sound. There is also space for user presets which are 128 in number.

Another really cool feature is that it has a built-in tuner which mutes the sound while tuning, basically it is built for on-stage performance!

There are 16 HD amp models which simulate almost any pro amp that you can think of! I'll mention a few- Mesa/Boogie® Dual Rectifier®,Marshall® JCM-800 (2204),ENGL® Fireball 100, Vox® AC-30 (Top Boost),etc. POD® HD multi-effect pedals and DT-50™ amplifiers are the first Line 6 products to feature HD amp models. Each an every one of the amp models have immaculate amount of detail in them which makes the HD series the dream processor.

Well there's more to it..much much more!!
There are over a 100 effect models and upto 8 effects can be used simultaneously.It als a touch response, has a 48 second looper, assignable footswitch controls and XLR Input + Microphone Preamp, a touch response.
As all high end processors have this also has a librarian and a software to use using the USB port available on it.

With all these insane features if you have cash on you and need a processor this is the one for you. Even if you have enough for a HD 300 or a HD 400 i would suggest that you save up a little more and then take the HD 500.

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