Friday, 28 January 2011

tonelab ex

VOX came out with a new tonelab processor namely the tonelab EX. It has 33 amp modules many cabinets and some amazing pedals. built with one expression pedal for wah or reverb or delay or volume .the vox tonelab ex is one of the best buys for a range within 20000. it is priced @ Rs.15000..
there are two pedal options which is an improvement over the tonelab st. according to me its only competitor would be a floor pod plus.. with an oscillator to give it tube amp effects the tonelab ex is definitely the best buy for an intermediate guitarist..

Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Children of Bodom!!they are back and back with a bang..i know its kind of late but they got two new albums namely Skeletons in the Closet(2009) and Relentless Reckless Forever(2011). The '09 release album consists mainly of covers. The layter is expected to be released early this year as all the tracks have already been completed. COB are also said to have a world tour soon. Hope they come to India.

There are also some other interesting stuff to look out for like the Pain of Salvation Concert in SARANG '11,IIT Chennai. It is to be held in the end of next week.