Friday, 29 April 2011


What is Djent(pronounced as gent)?
"Djent is not a genre,its a sound"-from the what's djent video.
This is has lately been my most loved tone till date. Its a little less of very high gain and is highly palm muted. Messhugah guitarist Fredrik Thordendal is said to have coined this word. It was popularized by periphery.
Most guitarist who make djent generally use 7 or 8 string guitars. There are guitarists who play it on 6 string guitarist but it was originally made for 8 string guitarists. Riffs played by djent guitarists are very different and are at times challenging to play which of course makes it fun. Many a time people confuse djent with metalcore.
Some of my favorite djent playing bands are Messhugah ,Periphery, Cloudkicker, Scale the summit, and of course TesseracT. Due to the heavy usage of palm muting the sounds sometime seemm digital. The drumming often sounds digital. The high hat is used a lot.
If you havent heard any of this i would suggest you to listen to the album Rare Trax be Messhugah, then The discovery by cloudkicker and then carving desert canyons by scale the summit. All these three albums are amazing in their own respects and have a completely new outlook on metal music.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Top:Will Adler Series
Bottom:FX series

Of late i have been doing some research as i am planning to get myself a new guitar. as i ask more and more people for suggestions i realised that its finally upto you to choose what you want as at the end of the day almost every famous guitar manufacturers name has been suggested.I presently own a low end ibanez and i was pretty much a big ibanez fan till i discovered ESP.When i started listening to bodom about 3 years ago i saw this amazing looking guitar. so i looked up on google and saw that it was an esp. when i checked out the specs i was pretty impressed.

Then i went to a shop nearby that sold esp's and tried em out. trust me i got the heaviest possible sounds that i have ever heard. i just fell in love with the sound.
but then i was told about schecters.
So the next time i went to get myself a supply of strings and jacks i tried out the diamond series which was abt 56k. again really good. Now i was like ESP or schecter??Last month i was told that the gkg is coming back the series which van halen used to use. this time around i didn't go to any store as i didn't have access to one.
I finally sat down compared the pros and cons of all three and came to the conclusion that if you are a hardcore metal fan then without a doubt it would be the ESP FX or the ECLIPSE-II series. both have
-mahogany bodies
-22 frets
-mahogany necks
-rosewood fretboard's
-Gotoh TOM Bridge & Tailpiece
and the best of the lot EMG 81 series Active pick ups!!
the ECLIPSE-II looks like a lespaul and the FX is one that looks similar to james hetfields snakebite...
If you would like to indulge your self into some really heavy stuff then the wa-600 or the will adler is the one for..its the will adler series of guitars.