Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Top:Will Adler Series
Bottom:FX series

Of late i have been doing some research as i am planning to get myself a new guitar. as i ask more and more people for suggestions i realised that its finally upto you to choose what you want as at the end of the day almost every famous guitar manufacturers name has been suggested.I presently own a low end ibanez and i was pretty much a big ibanez fan till i discovered ESP.When i started listening to bodom about 3 years ago i saw this amazing looking guitar. so i looked up on google and saw that it was an esp. when i checked out the specs i was pretty impressed.

Then i went to a shop nearby that sold esp's and tried em out. trust me i got the heaviest possible sounds that i have ever heard. i just fell in love with the sound.
but then i was told about schecters.
So the next time i went to get myself a supply of strings and jacks i tried out the diamond series which was abt 56k. again really good. Now i was like ESP or schecter??Last month i was told that the gkg is coming back the series which van halen used to use. this time around i didn't go to any store as i didn't have access to one.
I finally sat down compared the pros and cons of all three and came to the conclusion that if you are a hardcore metal fan then without a doubt it would be the ESP FX or the ECLIPSE-II series. both have
-mahogany bodies
-22 frets
-mahogany necks
-rosewood fretboard's
-Gotoh TOM Bridge & Tailpiece
and the best of the lot EMG 81 series Active pick ups!!
the ECLIPSE-II looks like a lespaul and the FX is one that looks similar to james hetfields snakebite...
If you would like to indulge your self into some really heavy stuff then the wa-600 or the will adler is the one for..its the will adler series of guitars.

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