Tuesday, 23 August 2011

human hand like guitar holders!!

As the name suggests there are guitar holders which are slightly different from the conventinal wall mounting ones.These are made by Grip Studios. Some of them are hand carved and there are a variety of them. These hangers are strong and come with a lifetime craftsmanship warranty. They are very reliable and can be used even for heavier guitars like the gibson's.
Image: GS2 series

A range of series such as the GS1, GS2 , the airbrush series(custom series) are available. There is another artist series which is coming out now. All these holders come along with a screw for wall mounting. You can check out the site http://guitargrip.com/ for more details.

Other than the fact that it's reliable and all its really cool to look at. I mean how many people have a helping hand to hold their guitars??!


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