Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A dying Guitarist's lifeline!

As i was stumbling upon some cool things i came about this site where there were chords and in this amplification unit shaped border. It was something unique. So i went about seeing what it exactly was and was really happy that there are actully lots of people who take pains to create apps for musicians going through a bad patch.
This app basically helps you to get some chord combos that you would have probably not thought of. There is one option on it which is roll the dice. That just gives you a random progression. Other than that we can choose if we want a major scale progression or a minor scale progression and obviously the scale we want.

To add to this there is a beat count. Hence we can assign a timing and we can also set as to what kind of struming pattern we want. You can make the patterns complex too. Don't underestimate it just because its an app. There is an option called 'dice craziness', this is basically to make the chord combos that turn up more random or less random.The speed of the strumming pattern can also be modified using this option namely 'rake speed'.

The chords can be set as to how many bars you want each chord to be played for.It can also be used to jam along with. I mean it's like the savious for all musicians living in some remote place far from their fellow musicians(like me:( ).

There's something to be happy about if you have an iPad as this app is now available for the iPad!!:D

The site has more cool apps too..check it out.
This is the link to the site were the actual this is.Enjoy!!:D :


  1. A dead guitarists come back it is ! u have nice thing going on here. keep it coming !

  2. its very nice da!!

  3. its nice..but in which device did you check the app out? -Abhishek (DODO) :P

  4. not any app...i checked it out on the site itself...my friend next door has an iPad but i suppose you have to buy the app...The site has a drum bot too..its a really nice page