Thursday, 5 May 2011

Get insane tones!

I have been acquainted with processor for a few years now and it has always intrigued me as to how these complex yet cool sounds are created. The answer was simple just a couple of circuits. They have to be soldered together and voila you have the sound you need. But knowing what you have to solder with what and what you need for what sound is really complex. I am still learning that though.

Recently i just stumbled upon this site which helps you in building your own stomp box!imagine all the money you could save. something you might buy for maybe 100$ can be done at 40$ if you know soldering. The pdf file and all the necessary things are provided by them.The link is they have come out with a compressor costs nearly 70$.
well the first question that might come to your mind is "is it even worth that much??i mean i have to do all the work myself."...maybe you should rephrase it and ask this to yourself "is it worth spending 150$ and buying a branded product when I can create you own tone?"..just imagine you can just express your thought just by soldering a couple of circuits in the right isn't it?

Well talking of branded stuff. I myself do buy branded stuff because they are more reliable and you can assure yourself of a good tone. What i do nowadays though is get a couple of circuits and try to make my own sounds and if you like it order the proper kit and let your soldering rod do the rest!
rock on!!

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