Saturday, 14 May 2011

Guitar Pro

Guitar pro is one of the best softwares a guitarist can possibly have. It may not aid one in recording but it will definitely help you to learn songs or even tabulate and save the songs you create. I have used it and find it really useful. With the help of the rse (real sound engine) it is possible to emulate an almost guitar like sound. or any instrument for that matter, all you need is the rse pack.

Apart from the composing part if you are a self taught guitarist then this is the place for you with an inbuilt chord and a scale dictionary you wont be needing a teacher(you will if you really want to know how to use them properly:-)).

There are also options to change the tuning of the instruments according to your need plus its got a metronome and a tuner.Its amazing as to how many built in features there are in this software. 

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