Sunday, 6 February 2011

the Gio Series

The worst ever creation by the least thats what i think. Ibanez as amazing guitars in the high range..though to get more consumers its the ideal make..for regular guitarist its a complete waste of money..with a basswood body the complete tone of the guitar is messed up...the neck and the finger board are decent it is made of maple and rosewood..
it is difficult to obtain a good sound from these guitars and almost impossible to get good heavy sounds..for metal heads this is not where you would want to spend your money...if this guitar is connected to any normal Indian amplification unit such as that of Siranger the sound would be pathetic where as it wont that bad when other better quality guitars are conneected. lately i have tried out the GRG has a floyd rose tremelo attached to it with an ilt1 bridge...its very uncomfortable and you cant possibly make good use of the tremelo as the bridge is real bad...
as a user of a grg series i would say if are going to spend 15-16 thousand for a guitar, get some more cash and invest in a better guitar..

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  1. You know what's worse than an Ibanez Gio?