Friday, 18 February 2011


For any guitarist it is very essential to have a few basic tools. Most people tend to omit these tiny things. They are actually very helpful in many situations. Imagine you are stuck in some isolated town and you don’t have a good music store close by and you run out of strings or one of you strings are stuck in one of the holes in the bridge, then what do you do? Well being in a similar location I just happen to know what all one might need to save themselves and their equipment.

It is of utmost importance for any guitarist to carry at least one set of spare strings if not more. Way more than one spare for the E, B (first two) strings as they are always prone to tear. One should also carry a good cloth to wipe the strings after using or at least once every two uses so that sweat and dirt is not accumulated on the strings which will later on lead to rust formation and weaken the strength of your strings.

A few more essential items would be like a gig bag or a hard case bag in case you have to travel a lot with your guitar. If you are an electric guitar user it is very essential that you get yourself a decent amplifier. Make yourself a budget of at least Rs. 3500 and purchase a decent amplification unit .Buy from companies such as Laney or marshall for guitarist. In case you happen to be a bassist you will have to save up almost twice the amount to get an amp. The basic bass amps will be at least Rs. 6500-7000. For those sort of amps you should go for companies such as Fender or Hartke. I think Hartke would land up being a little more costlier. The reason I am stressing so much about amplifiers is that in music sound is everything and your amplifier is one that gives you an idea of what kind of sound you produce. Plus if you go on stage and perform you will notice that you are always supplied with some what good equipment (in most cases). Sound varies from amp to amp so one would like to get his tone and pick up settings done before hand.

There are a few more things one must have. They are such as a peg winder, hairpin incase your string gets stuck in the bridge hole. A screwdriver kit, Wire Stripper, a Capo,a tuner(in case your ears are not yet accustomed to the notes) and the most important one of the lot plectrums. Beginner, intermediate or professional we are all humans and most of us have a habit of losing things especially small things. Plectrums or commonly known as picks are lost a lot at least in my case though I have become more responsible of late.

If you have quite a bit of money on you then buy yourself a processor. I would suggest to learn for atleast a year or so and get your basics clear before you buy the fancy equipment.

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