Saturday, 26 February 2011


I recently had a gig and I had to play with people I had never played before. I was made to work with a guitarist, bassist and a singer. My bassist did not have an amplifier so I suggest a Hartke 30 W which would cost about Rs.11000. Instead this guy lands up buying a 120W amp!! I mean just for practice and when you have just started playing the bass, something truly out of the blue.

Anyways this amp is by Eminence and has an inbuilt cabinet with facilities for ‘megadrive’ which is a heavy overdrive, a warm gain and a clean. All of these contained basic features such as Level, Gain & Tone. The clean zone had a couple more feature which were actually general features and applicable to all the modes. It consisted of Equalizer settings such as High, Low, Mid, Master Volume & a reverb.

The Reverb effect was actually kind of impressive. Basically what anyone might ask for, for the first couple of years of their practice. The sound Quality was good and even at very loud volumes the sound did not break. The cost of this might be around Rs. 22000+ I assume as he got it at an extensive discount. A Pedal was also provided with warm gain and megadrive in it , thereby allowing the user to set their requisite levels of gain and tone and just using the stomp box to change the effects.

Sound: 7.5/10

Features: 8.0/10

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