Monday, 30 April 2012

Micro Metal Muff

The micro metal muff can be rightfully called a killer distortion pedal. It is an analog pedal and it has killer tones! The sounds that are obtained from it are very pleasing to the ear. Crisp, Clear and Crunchy! The three characteristics that everyone is looking for in a distortion pedal.
I don't have a great guitar or good pickups yet I was made to sound amazing thanks to this pedal. I mean isn't that what everyone wants? To sound good or great. Obviously I assume that you can play decent guitar :P.

Metal muff with a compressor and a pocket pod
Courtsey : TR Srinivasan

Now getting to the specs of this pedal . That is the stuff that are seen on the pedal.
- a hi-lo and off switch knob
This gives a change in tone and flaunts the versatility of this pedal.
-A tone knob
This obviously is used to increase and decrease the tone
-A dist knob
Tells as to how much gain you want. You don't want to keep this too high as it will muffle up your sounds. A quick tip. If you want to play palm muted stuff DON'T keep the gain high. It reduces clarity.

-Vol knob
You know what this is for right?!

There are different varieties of this pedal as in the cost increases with increasing functions. I personally think this is an insane buy for anyone looking to get a distortion pedal.
COST: Rs. 5500

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