Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Ibanez S420

The s420 is the successor of the s320 which was a 22 fret model. Of late I had an opportunity to try out this interesting guitar. Now why I call this guitar interesting is because of the finish and the system at its back. Generally we open a set of screws to get access to the springs which hold the tremelo arm. Well thats not quite the case with the s420. Its an open area with a huge bolt with which we can adjust the springs by hand.

Other than this the finish of the guitar is very fascinating indeed. It looks glamorous, almost has the JS series look and is made of good materials.

Body: Mahogany
Pickups: INF 1 &2
5 way changer for 2 Humbuckers!
Thats another ascpect about this guitar that caught  my eye. Instead of a 3 way changer for a 2 humbucker guitar. It actually has a 5 way changer.

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The guitar on the whole has great tone and potential . Great for shredding and riffing. Very versatile and can be modified a little that is by changing the pickups. If that change is done then its an amazing guitar indeed. Cheers!:)

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