Thursday, 9 February 2012

Tonelab USB Recording

The USB based recording in the Tonelab ST, is something that helps you achieve true clarity from home and gives almost studio like quality. I bought my VOX a little more than a year ago. When I bought it i was not quite satisfied as I was unable to use it to it's true potential. Learning more about my processor I have started using the USB interface given with it. I use it only for recording though. I have not yet made patches on my computer using it.

The sound that I get is very pleasing and the best part is that you can hear yourself play almost without any lag. It would be better if you could get a firewire interface. The good part about this is that it does not expect you to have even a decent system. I mean even with an atom processor one could record on softwares such as Audition or FL Studio. Even if you have something like Cubase or any of the other Steinberg products I do not think it should cause much of a problem.Even though people do underestimate the power of the atom, I say otherwise after having a first hand experience working on one. Initially even I happened to be hesitant in using the system for recording. Later I noticed if you are not synthesizing many effect then it should not be much of a problem.

 One more important thing to be noted is that if the sound card driver on your system is not very good then you can utilise the USB interface to access your VOX which will act as a temporary card and can handle way more loads than your basic driver. Basically, reduces the load of your processor by focusing the sound card issues to your processor. Another advantage of this is that the quality of sound is enhanced and it can be easily understood. So please do take undue advantage of your processor and record without any issues! 

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