Monday, 11 July 2011

How to go about buying your guitar??!

If you are a beginner and you are willing to spend a lot then just see if you like the guitars looks.:P

Just kidding ,though high end guitars are generally good and for beginners will to spend a lot thats the best suggestion as you wont know what kind of music you would like to play a lot.

Well as for those who know what music they want to play there are lots of criterias that you need to go through.
Initially for acoustic guitarists the guitars are generally chosen on the basis of comfort levels and sound quality. However wood specs also do play an important part here. Generally most of the lower end guitars have a basswood body and a rosewood neck and fretboard. Well this is in reference with guitars available in India such as givson, pluto,grason,etc. 

As for decent acoustic guitars they would be starting at about 6k. Pluto and wave are really good buys for this range. For a higher budget like around 10k a yamaha or a fender would be nice and a little more higher then gibson's. My choice however would be a fiber guitar which are made by the company named owasian. They are well renowned for their guitars and give amazing sounds.These guitars however begin at a much higher range. My friend recently bought one for 32k.

If you are a metal guitarist then you would want to get as heavy sounds as possible where as for a blues style guitarist it will be a Fender Stratocaster..(at least for me..that is if i want to play blues and really soft stuff or music with a lot of feel in it.

Well firstly never buy basswood body guitars! Unless you have no money at all and need to buy a guitar immediately.Alder wood body guitars on the other hand have a larger tone range and are much heavier sounding.

Mahogany wood body guitars are really amazing for soloing and sometimes rifffing. Nice for blues guitarists or any acoustic guitarists.Maple wood guitars on the other hand are amazing for really heavy stuff and you can play amazing solos on it too. basically the ideal wood you need on your guitar should be either maple or mahogany.

That was all about the body. Now coming to the neck and the fretboard. My favourite fretboard would be ebony followed by maple. The most frequently available fretboards are rosewood. They are also pretty decent. The neck of the guitar is also really essential. A maple neck is ideal followed by a mahogany neck.

Of course there are many other types of wood and there are specs like body wood tops,truss rod specs,etc.  That list would go a little large.

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