Friday, 22 July 2011

3 Reasons why the Valvetronix+ rocks!

This is the starting model of the valvetronix+ range of amplifiers. I recently have had the opportunity to try out this amp.

1) It has a 12AX7 vaccum tube for achieving the true tube amp tone.

2)Along with this it has 25 built in effects which makes it really cool and a worth while buy. The amp head is basically the same as that of the vox tonelab st processor with 33 amp models,delay,reverb,pedal,treble,bass,mid effects and eq settings respectively.

3)It has a footswitch out port at the back. If you are a blues guitarist then this is the best amp for you within Rs.13000.Even if aren't that much into blues this is still an awesome buy as it has an insane tone.Many of you line 6 fans maybe wondering as to why i am not suggesting the spiderIV. Well that is a great amp too but does
not have as many effects and most of all doesn't have the Tube in it to give the tonal kick.

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