Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Top 10 Bassists of all time

Of late UG(Ultimate Guitar) came out with this list of bassist which they said were the viewers top 10 bassists of all time. I was taken aback when I saw the list as it did not contain most of the people that I considered the Gods of the bass. The list given below is the list of bassists who I think deserve to be in the top 10 of all time.

10)Cliff Burton(Metallica)
He played for the heavy metal band Metallica for a few years.He played for the albums kill em' all,ride the lightning and master of puppets. He died when his tour bus met with an accident in 1986. In the short span of time that he played for metallica he and the band gained a lot of attention due to their attractive riffs and bass lines. He was also very well known for his bass solos.He also played for a few other lesser known bands.

9)Chris Wolstenholme (Muse)
Bass,vocals,guitar and keyboards are the parts that he plays in the band Muse. Muse is a rock band and chris' basslines play a prominent part in most of their songs.

8)Les Claypool(Primus)
A bassist at Primus and many other bands Les Claypool is an established bassist with insane bass techniques. He had auditioned for metallica after they lost their bassist but was not chosen as he was thought to be too good for the band!! This was a good decision as claypool's inclusion in the band would have made them redefine their genre as a bassist is often considered to be the backbone of a band.

7)Geddy Lee(Rush)
He is the lead vocalist and is also a keyboardist in the band Rush. Rush is a well renowned canadian rock band and has been a source of inspiration for bands like dream theater and other bands that originated at that time.

6)Victor Wooten(The Dave Matthews Band)
An american bassist who has won the bass player of the year award three times in a year. He has played for many bands like steve bailey,Béla Fleck and the Flecktones ,SMV, Greg Howe, Dave Matthews Band, Chick Corea Elektric Band.

5)Flea(Red Hot Chilli Peppers)
The bassist at RHCP is considered by some as the best bassist in the world and definitely deserves a spot in the top ten. He makes really cattchy riffs like danni california and by the way.

4)Matt Bissonette(Joe Satriani)
This man is one who is much more than a musician and a bassist. He plays for joe satriani and has several solo albums himself. He is also an engineer and a producer. He has also played with david roth lee and several others.

3)John Myung(Dream Theater)
The man behind as i am and several other legendary Dream Theater song bass lines.He is also known for using the chapman sticks and generally uses a 6 string bass. He has made amazing basslines for many songs like octavarium,dance of eternity,a change of seasons.

2)Steve DiGiorgio(Death)
He is the bassist of the band that is considered to be the father of death metal. He like many others has featured in many other bands too.

1)Billy Sheehnan(Steve Vai)
This man is a legend amongst legends. His bass skill are far superior to anyone that i hae heard of till date. He is known for tapping and using harmonic notes and other insane techniques. He plays for steve vai and keeps the crowd entertained with his stage presence. He also sings at times. He has sung songs at G3 concerts which vai features at almost always!

If you have a different list of bassists or any inclusion to the existing list do comment.


  1. You've forgot jaco pastorius

  2. who would i remove to put him in...i mean all of them are so good.

  3. Dream Theater is among the least meaningful bands I've come across. Of course, they have a brilliant technical prowess. No argument about that, but i see no reason in their music. It's just like hours and hours of jamming into oblivion. Hence, i would take him off the list. Because if Myung can be up on that list, then there are so many hidden you tube stars with great skill, talent and technique eligible to be up there with him.
    I might replace him with Rick Laird(Mahvishnu Orchestra) instead. (skip to 1:15)