Sunday, 25 September 2011

Guitar Chords Crash Course

G3C or guitar chords crash course is a multipurpose software with which serves to the needs of both beginners and the professionals. The basic chords and the scales are all available there. To add to this there are quite a few advanced level chords and scales too. The software has over a 1000 chords in its database and 48 scale which would be more than enough for anyone to become a master of the instrument!

It has a guitar tuner with the help of which you can tune your guitar and has an option with which we can change the tunings. So we can tune the guitar in different tunings. It's kind of like how it is in guitar pro. You can print the tabulature as it is in the software so its really cool for musicians on the go and those who don't like carrying laptops along with them all the time.

This is the best part about it according to me . It has a drum machine which gives a variety of beats and we can tweak around with it and make our own patterns so that one can stay on time.

It's a free software and you can check out more details at:

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