Saturday, 8 May 2010

Palm Muting

Ever wondered how many bands make cool sounds?Well processors play a major role in getting sound modulations but techniques also make a difference.Palm muting is one such technique in which you are able to mute the sound that is being example of palm muting can be of what is done in the song paranoid by is a technique where you use your palm to mute the sound.the palm is placed just above the bridge of the guitar.the video given along will help in better understanding.


  1. sweet dude.. there seems to be a small lag in the video though. thinking betta digicam? l8r!! ;-)

  2. OMG! LOL! Dude.. what was that!?
    "Its a new technique, its called, aa palm muting. Its one of the most famous techniques." LOL extreme!

    1. Sad tone.. it has no noiz gate.. the fizz is killing the video.

    2. Yes, there is lag..

    3. Paranoid isn't by Megadeth, its by Black Sabbath.

    4. Why play the same Riff again after the talking!? Cummon im sure u know a few more riffz!! ;)


    Sorry for dissing.. but i just had to!! :D

  3. @ankur:dude i played on marshall rec on lap so lag.+jack was jacked+i was referring to the paranoid by megadeth as palm muting is very evident there...+if i play different riffs ppl will get confused+point is no t to show but to educate+i learnt some nice 4th chords...

  4. I can't believe you're giving guitar lessons on Blogspot!

    Nice video all the same! Didn't really get the benefits of palm-muting though.