Thursday, 30 June 2011

riffing and soloing influences

Its very essential that you choose what you want to be and know what you are better at. The main two streams that one can choose are riffing that is rhythms and soloing which is leads. It is definitely a misconception if you think that soloing is tougher than riffing. When I just started guitaring thought that soloing was way tougher, but oft late i realized how wrong i was.
 I have become a huge Lamb of god fan and have also started listening to some djenting bands. It is very essential that as a guitarist you initially pick up songs. You just can;t learn your theory and make your own song. picking up songs helps you from patterns and outline scales that you might have learnt or read about. Once you are jamming it becomes very easy to get a hold of these patterns if you have picked up many songs.
If picking up songs is so important it is also equally important to narrow down on a few bands to define your music style. As a musician I know that musical influences are really important. 
So be careful as to what songs you pick up. Make sure that you are not wasting time and that the influences help you in creating the music you want.
For example my major influences are Lamb of god and dave mustaine for riffing, John petrucci for shredding and steve vai for sweeping. I play more L.O.G stuff and petrucci solos as i want my music tto be somewhat similar to theirs. So if you are still new and are wondering what songs to pick up narrow down what you want to do. As in find out what music you love the most!

Saturday, 25 June 2011


Well i become a big lamb of god fan off late and have been trying to pick up some of their songs. as a guitarist i have realized that by picking up their songs one can really improve on their riffing and time signatures considerably. Below is my cover of grace. It might not be the best of covers due to bad amplifiers.
Grace-Lamb of god cover