Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Metallica,Dream Theater and Opeth!

The second half of 2011 is surely going to be a hell lot of fun for a lot of music fans and especially for the Metallica, DT and opeth fans. Why so??

Well Metallica plans to release their next album named 'Lulu' which is in collaboration with the singer and song-writer Lou Reed. They have already completed their recording sessions and are planning to release it worldwide on the 31st of october!They are yet to get their album artwork done.

As for DT they are planning to release their album in which the new drummer mike mangini will be featured for the first time. A Dramatic turn of events it is and the UK and European folks are allowed to pre-order the album which is due to be released on the 13th of sept.Their album has 9 songs.

Opeth are also releasing their album in the same month as DT. Infact the release is scheduled just 7 days after DT's new album. Their new album is called heritage and a deluxe edition collecter's box set of this is also available!