Saturday, 8 May 2010

Palm Muting

Ever wondered how many bands make cool sounds?Well processors play a major role in getting sound modulations but techniques also make a difference.Palm muting is one such technique in which you are able to mute the sound that is being example of palm muting can be of what is done in the song paranoid by is a technique where you use your palm to mute the sound.the palm is placed just above the bridge of the guitar.the video given along will help in better understanding.


Choking is a very essential acoustic guitar and electric guitar technique. It is one where you stop the sound from continuing. In other words you are able to control the time of the vibrations of the strings. Choking is one of the basic techniques to be learnt .It is done by slightly removing the pressure from your left hand fingers .For this you have to be good at your chords .You must know your chords well, i.e. you should not take time to place your fingers on the fret board. A demonstrational video is given below on an electric guitar. The same concept is applicable for an acoustic guitar too.

Friday, 7 May 2010


it is essential for every guitarist to look back at his basics every now and then, at least thats my take on it.i realized this quite late though.basic exercises like the spider the legato technique,chromatics should be done on regular basis for a sound base.
the advantage being that it becomes much easier to pick up songs and to become adept to a certain style of is also essential that one keeps an idol and follows that person religiously,by following his lessons or by trying to copy his playing style(initially).